The Sharp End

Helping your organization find its true purpose, ensuring that your products and services are properly positioned and delivering on a meaningful brand promise.

That is what I have been doing and enjoying for many years.

The Sharp End Consulting

How can I help you?

It is a process of discovery and enlightenment for you and your business. The result is an energized and focused team creating memorable experiences for your customers, and value for your company.

Many of the solutions to your pain-points lie deep within your company’s history, DNA or the rich knowledge of your people. I’m a master of uncovering the hidden secrets of your success. I’d love to share my experience, my passion, and my approaches with you.

My areas of expertise

My hallmark is “unearthing and communicating your uniqueness.” And it’s not by accident. My 40-year career has seen the full gamut of experiences—and challenges—that has equipped me for most of the tensions and opportunities that today’s businesses face.

I offer key insights and results into:

But when I say “unearthing uniqueness” I mean it. I’d love to learn of your current challenges and help you overcome your obstacles.

I’ll help you navigate the sharp end.

Let’s face it: the sharp end is not a place for the faint-hearted. It is a place where delicately poised deals are won or lost on a word misspoken or an offer misplaced. It is a place where a clear long-term strategy is demanded. But one that also delivers the numbers for the next quarter.

I help your unlock your hidden source of true advantage which makes navigating the sharp end that much smoother and more productive.

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Jim Ludlow, President, Liquid Interactive

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