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How humanity can save your brand from commoditization

July 2, 2024 · John Dodds


Is there anyone who phones a large company these days with any expectation of a prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful human being at the end of the line?

Instant automated messaging, chat bots, multiple digital prompts, web chats all designed to drive cost efficiencies for the company, put a smile on the face of the CFO and dilute the brand equity of the organization.

Enter David of PHOENIX LIFE LIMITED part of the Phoenix Group in Bournemouth.

Maybe it is Bournemouth, away from the cynicism of the big city, or maybe it is the fact the company has been around since 1786 and knows how to treat a customer.

Whatever the reason, it was a pleasure to deal with someone who knows their product, is keen to help, has a positive outlook and ensures his company has the right balance of humanity and technology.

The truth of a strong brand is that it wins or loses at the sharp end of its business. That is where the customer or prospect judges an organization without it even knowing.

If you want to see how your brand is performing at the sharp end, phone your company up with a simple question. You will either get a David or more likely a “Watson” on the line. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer.

I prefer to deal with a David over an automated “Watson” any day of the week.

As far as maintaining a brand’s uniqueness is concerned, the choice is “elementary.”