The Sharp End

My Work and Experience

The nature of who I am, what I have done in my career combined with my purpose in life have led me down many paths since I started The Sharp End a couple of years ago.

I have worked for a multinational manufacturing company helping them to define their uniqueness with customers and employees through a global research project. The results were enthusiastically received by the organization’s leadership.

I have worked with agencies as part of their team presenting branding propositions to clients in a range of different fields. It is a rewarding set of relationships built on mutual trust.

I have also worked extensively with non-profits on repositioning, education and thought leadership projects.

My relationships are many and varied, my work is respected and tied always, to clear organizational goals.

“We had been neglecting the front end of our business for some time. John gave us a valuable road map to create a plan to improve our messaging to customers, including a customer survey from which we learned a lot and refined our value proposition. One year on we are starting to get some real benefit from this investment.

Christopher J. Stump FCA, Vice President – Finance, Metals & Minerals Division, Harsco Corporation

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