The Sharp End

Universal Truths and Services

My experience at the sharp end of business for many years has taught me some valuable lessons and I have discovered what I describe as my universal truths. I share some of them with you as they offer an insight into how I think and how I can service you best.

These statements have served me well, whatever the work, whatever the geography, or whatever the challenge, in markets as diverse as agriculture, shipping, mobile communications, oil and gases.

Serving at the sharp end of marketing, sales, operations, business and corporate communications offers me a unique insight into your potential uniqueness.

I work at the heart of your Brand and Communications strategy distilling essential information using tried and tested approaches, combined with my unique and personalized style of an engagement.

I tap into the many layers of knowledge and truth from the bottom to the top of your organization to unearth your uniqueness.

Marrying traditional and practical marketing and communications strategies with contemporary digital execution approaches offers me the perfect opportunity to deliver you a perfect platform to achieve your differentiation goals.

And I am used to getting my hands dirty. I have managed and organized sports sponsorships, brand naming, social media programs and good old fashioned ads that are fashioned for a new age of consumption. Each tactic has a place and time once the thinking is done properly. Which leads me back to one of my universal truths: “God is in the details.”

I am used to building relationships with in-house talent. I was one. I want their trust, not their job. I can explain in plain English some things that may not have been thought of. I can then work with the team, if needed, to plan and execute the program.

“There is simply nobody more knowledgeable or insightful when it comes to B2B brand strategy. Having worked with John on numerous projects for numerous companies over the years, I always learn something new when working alongside him.

Nick Hague, Director, B2B International

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